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Location recording services: Let me and my studio in a box produce an audio recording of your event! Recent projects include location recordings of Shampa Banerjee's group Gunjan at The Little Fox Theater and Steve Loeb's group The Living Drums.

Having a CD of your performance can be priceless.

Studio recording services: I can track and mix your demo at The Cosmic Kitchen North in Redwood City, my home base in the bay area.

I can assist you with most aspects of the studio experience. If I can't meet your needs, I know someone who can.

Drum services: Need a nice sounding set of drums for your show or recording? I've got them and this doctor makes house calls. Need a drum tech for your show or recording? I'm there to serve you and the music.

Teaching beginning drummers: Bringing the joy of making music to novice players is another favorite activity of mine. Drumming facilitator Jim Greiner likes to say “You're only a beginner once, enjoy it!” I have led several workshops where folks who'd never played an instrument were deep into the groove by the time the night ended. My goal is to help facilitate an environment where everyone shines. If this is something you'd like to experience, please contact me for the dates of my next set of classes.

My music: I live in anticipation of my next opportunity to play. I'm currently interested in playing music that makes people want to dance. Live drums and bass, synths, hand drums, whatever it takes to get the party started. Contact me if you've got a similar point of view.

I've made quite a bit of noise in my life. If that interests you, see my bio page.

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