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Drum Skull Drums – The Stradivarius of djembes! Based in Santa Cruz, CA, these guys simply build the finest west-African drums available.

Ego drum lugs – Hand crafted in the USA, these folks machine the nicest lugs available.

Crumbs Radio
– My good friend Andy Gallo’s upstate New York web-based radio station and promotional services.

Iris Lord – A legendary singer, keyboardist and good friend.

Sound Tribe Sector Nine – Great people, great music, I really like this group of musicians and the vibe they create.

PAS – Percussive Arts Society: If you’re serious about percussion, you should join this group

Wood Finishing Supplies.com – Good people, good products

Wiefling Consulting
– Get “a dose of Kimberly” from her site. Her business management consulting is second to none.

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