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I offer to you my passion for The Drum: Building, playing, recording, talking about, writing about, reading about, practicing, all in support of The Groove.

The drums I build are the drums I dream of owning too. There’s a special satisfaction in holding hardware of the highest quality. One turn of the Trick throw-off or one turn of a tension rod in an Ego lug and I think you’ll know what I’m talking about.

My attention to your needs is what ultimately separates me from my competitors. Give me the opportunity to carefully listen to what you want to hear, see and feel from the drum of your dreams and together we’ll manifest it.

“Make my noise a Squishy Noise!”
An essential part of my life involves creating things with my hands and mind. I sincerely believe there is still a place in the U.S for souls like myself who want to manufacture quality items. By using American-made components in my drums I feel a stronger bond with the community of like-minded craftspeople. If you know of a company manufacturing flanged or die cast rims in the U.S., let me know!

“mmm… that’s good squishy”
Lets discuss your dream drum. Lets bring it to life. Let me bring a smile to your face when you see and play the drum I’ve built for you.

Check out my galleries of Acrylic and Wood drums.

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