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Slipknot! I played a 1937 Hammond BV organ for these Grateful Dead cover guys in the early 80's. The first paying gig I did with this band was in front of a thousand lit bikers. Fun times indeed.

MeltDown: I played fretless electric bass for this collection of musical misfits in New York in the late 80's. Playing at The Knitting Factory in the early days of that exciting underground club was one of that band's highlights.

Atonal Circus: This was a duet with David Owens on drums and myself on fretless bass in the Albany , NY area in the early 90's. Guests included Mike Eck on guitar and Andy Gallo on trumpet.

Ether Sunday: A trio of free-form madness, which included Andy Gallo on keyboard synthesizer, Frank Hawkins on guitar synthesizer and myself on heavily processed bass and percussion. There were truly no wrong notes with this ensemble. For a year or two in the early 90's by the shores of Sand Lake NY , this group recorded and performed many epic evenings. Ether Binge was an offshoot of this group that was a duet with Andy and myself, mainly practicing in his Mom's house.



Heartwood: My one foray into bluegrass music on the bass. Ed and Rose Stokes, both formidable musicians and scientists who just loved to play and cut some rug, led this band.

Crispy Squid and Skin Bassoon were solo projects I pursued after moving to southern California in 1993 and opening The Cosmic Kitchen recording studio in Azusa. These projects were more percussion based as I shifted from bass to drumming and electronics.

The Venice Beach Drum Circle: From '95 to 2000 or so you could find me most weekends at the drum circle in this town of lunatics blissfully playing my djembe.

The Time Puppets: In late 1999, three guys from Monrovia California in their early 20's asked me (“…Venice Beach legend!”) to play drum kit for them after a few free form jams turned their heads to new possibilities in their original electronic pop songs. Their desire to shift from sequenced drums to a live drummer seemed to buck the trends of the day. What followed was a yearlong roller coaster ride of shows and rehearsals, culminating in a successful gig at The Roxy in Hollywood. I consider these my first real attempts at playing the drum kit and I thank Zack Johnson for his songs and encouragement for helping make that happen.

Anima Munde: A San Diego Quartet playing traditional West African djembe and djun djun arrangements circa 2001. I loved laying down a steady groove for them to solo over.

The Golden Gate Park Drum Circle: For the past two years I've spent most weekends at Hippy Hill in Golden Gate Park laying in the groove with my djembe. When Carlos Santana joined us for an hour or so in June of 2003, all was right with the world.

I spent a week of July 2004 with Airto Moriera taking his “Samba for the Soul” workshop. Playing next to Airto ranks as one of the favorite moments in my life.

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