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Squishy Noise Percussion is my custom drum building business. Let me build you the drum of your dreams.

Squishy Noise Productions is the audio side of my life: studio and location recording services. In the near future I will have some of my own compositions available for your listening pleasure.

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Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Good to be back!

Hard to believe its been 6 or 8 months since my last update. My partner's booming business consulting group has kept me running at 110% since September of last year. So my drum workshop has laid idle until...NOW! I've got some new shells ready to be lacquered in the coming days.
I've been doing monthly gigs in Big Sur with David Shiffman and Shiva Linga that have been well attended and creatively played.
I'm also looking forward to seeing Mickey Hart play with Particle this weekend at The Fillmore in San Francisco.
Cheers, William

Tuesday, August 31, 2004


Tuesday Morning Update

Here's a picture of Airto and myself at Esalen in Big Sur, CA.

Such great memories!

My 13 x 7 cocobolo snare drum is just about finished. I should have a picture up in the next few weeks once its done.

Thanks for visiting! william

Monday, August 23, 2004


Week #2 Update

Thanks go out for everyone's feedback and support of Squishy Noise dot com. Two weeks on line, years in the making...
I've got a 13"diameter x 7" depth segmented cocobolo snare drum in the works that I'm currently applying lacquer to. This drum should be a beauty to play and hold.
My drumming lesson with Celso Alberti last week really opened my eyes to the weaknesses in my stick technique. Celso talked of his own experience with carpal tunnel that was so bad he was forced to stop playing and completely learn new stick control skills. Celso's warm demeanor and dedication to his artform really contribute to his great teaching ability for both beginner and expert. He's located in Alameda and offers lessons at Moon Dog recording studios, a beautiful facility. You can find more info about Celso at www.celsoalberti.com
Thanks for stopping by and checking out my thoughts.
Time to get back to perfecting the two stoke roll...
Rat-a- tat-tat
cheers, william

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